Lugera Ukraine – Recruitment


Assistance in the search and selection of personnel by experienced recruiters.
A reliable partner in the field of quality recruitment with 15 years of experience in the Ukrainian market for all levels of vacancies.

Lugera Ukraine is a reliable recruitment partner with 25 years of experience in 60+ countries and 15 years of expertise in Ukraine. An international company, the main principles of which are: reliability,  sustainability and responsibility. The main mission is innovative search and selection of personnel for positions of all levels (from entry level to heads of departments) for international companies.

  • 33 Branches
  • 1571 Clients 
  • 1,2 million CVs in our Data base
  • 129 million EURO annual profit
  • 430 employees

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    Wide market awareness (we cover all regions, segments and fields)

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    Exchange and implementation of international experience of fellow experts from 11 partner countries

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    Experience of recruiters from global search teams

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    Application of own digital tools (STAA, NTB, HireUp)

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    Broader access to searchable resources

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    There is no need to involve an internal HR team

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    Pre-interviewed candidates sent for consideration

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    98% successfully closed vacancies and only 2 replacements in the last 3 years of work

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    Recruiters communicate in Ukrainian, English, Polish and German

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    Closing the vacancy from the first top-level candidate (technical director)

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    Closing vacancies in 5 working days top level


Expertise in the Ukrainian market is 15 years of recruitment for all business segments.

Our direct clients are only international white companies, whose main focus is to find a candidate whose values will coincide with the company's values and necessarily provide safe and reliable conditions for cooperation.

For one of our clients, we have been recruiting for more than 12 years in a row and annually find 300+ candidates of various profiles who speak one or more of 26 foreign languages.

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    We agree on the terms of cooperation and SLA

  • 2

    Signing the Agreement

  • 3

    We will introduce you to a recruiter and account manager for your project

  • 4

    In the first 5 working days, we present the first candidates

  • 5

    Appraisal and feedback on the candidate

  • 6

    We report weekly on our work and feedback from candidates

  • 7

    We present an offer for the best candidate

  • 8

    End of the search stage when the candidate joins the client team


The Luger company in Ukraine has two offices located in Kyiv and Lviv. The composition of the team is as follows: the general director of the company, the financial and accounting department, the legal department, the HR department, the center of certified trainers (coaching, outplacement, retraining and professional development), a team of customer service managers and sales specialists.

The company's recruitment team consists of 25 recruiters who have at least 3-5 years of experience and speak Ukrainian, English, Polish and German.
Each individual project is responsible for:
- Account manager,
- Recruitment of team ice,
- Recruiter(s)+sourcers.

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    Closing the vacancy from the first top-level candidate (technical director) in 2 weeks

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    Closing Top-level vacancies in 5 working days

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    Mass selection of 100+ candidates in 4 weeks for production

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