For the first time in Ukraine, Lugera has offered a range of global recruitment services in more than 50 countries


As part of a range of global recruitment services, Lugera Ukraine offers Ukrainian and international companies new products in more than 50 countries search and recruitment for any position, full outsourcing of the recruitment process, assessment of new markets in terms of staff and costs for customer decisions on business scaling, salary benchmarking, preparation of candidate profiles, development of questionnaires and tests,
recruitment and launch of recruitment teams for clients, etc.

The target audience for global recruitment services from Lugera Ukraine is  international companies represented in different countries, international companies that are just entering the Ukrainian market, large Ukrainian companies that scale their business to new markets.

By using global recruitment services, clients will gain undeniable competitive advantages. Among them - a dedicated manager, one entry point, all reporting in one place, one contract and a single pricing for all countries; full control over the budget; the best candidates without borders; business scaling based on the deep experience of Lugera Group companies in the personnel markets of more than 50 countries, etc.

Victoria Bereza, who will be responsible for international standards of global recruitment, has been appointed Team Leader of the first in Ukraine Recruitment Global Center of Excellence. Victoria has extensive experience in the field of recruitment, which she has already demonstrated as the head of the recruitment department of Lugera Ukraine. Here are some prove-stats about Victoria - the maximum number of vacancies closed by Victoria for 1 month reaches 44 vacancies, and the minimum time to close a position is 1 day. Victoria's candidates currently work in Australia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, France, the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere.

Lugera Ukraine General Manager Anastasiya Shevchenko says:

" We live in the digital era - an era when millions of customers are using the banks without offices or branches - such as Monobank or Revolut, when the world's largest taxi company Uber does not own taxis, the largest accommodation provider Airbnb does not own real estate, the most popular social media Facebook and TikTok do not create content, and the world’s leader movie house Netflix does not own a single cinema.
At the same time, many international companies have SSC (shared services centres) or BPO (business processes outsourcing) - centers for outsourcing their business processes, which allows them to improve the quality of their services and reduce costs. In Ukraine, for example, one of these centers employs several thousand employees running business processes in more than 50 countries.

Borders are blurring, and in the new post-covid normality, many companies choose to work remotely. Remote work automatically opens up the whole world of candidates for companies, they are no longer limited to countries and offices.

In these realities, we naturally saw a new opportunity - to become the largest recruitment service provider with coverage geography in more than 50+ countries of the world. For companies to get the best talent, they don't need our offices. What really matters is the quality of the service and experience of the talented global recruitment team.

Before announcing the start of the global recruitment service, we conducted a mega successful pilot - closing vacancies for international companies in 17 countries in the shortest possible time.”

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