EBA and Lugera Ukraine launch a joint project to promote business transparency and legal salaries


At the same time, improving the investment climate in Ukraine and growing the economy are possible under the rule of law, paying taxes and adhering to the ethics of doing business transparently and having equal rules of the game for all members of the market. Therefore, by building a community of transparent and responsible business in Ukraine, we encourage all companies to adhere to legal employment arrangements. The European Business Association, together with Lugera Ukraine, is launching the “Transparent Business – for Legal Salaries” project to create an open platform for companies, which would like once again to remind the market, partners and employees about the importance of transparency principle.

Anna Derevyanko
Executive Director of the European Business Association:

"By uniting conscientious business, we at the European Business Association have always adhered to and promoted official labor relations. However, it is important that the circle of like-minded people grows and that "white" labor relations become really a trend in Ukraine, as it is beneficial for both the company, the employee and the state as a whole".

Anastasia Shevchenko, CEO of Lugera Ukraine:
"If we are to become Europe not only geographically, we must take care of transparent business and only official legal employment relations. This is how our company works all over the world, and in Ukraine, and that’s how the whole domestic business should work. Tax optimization means terrible roads, unfinished reconstruction of the hospitals and schools, and, after all, unfair business competition".

To join the project click here: http://legalsalaries.com.ua/

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